I hope you know – A letter to my younger self

  I hope you know how proud I am of you the decisions you made the way you held yourself together   I hope you know things will get better the career you are chasing will cease to exist instead you will make room for something much bigger   You will learn to love yourself,Continue reading “I hope you know – A letter to my younger self”

Mindfulness and Meditation

With the recent interest in the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, some of you will already be familiar with the terms. Mindfulness was first expressed in the teachings of the Buddha, who highlighted the significance of meditation (Dhyana) in our life. So what is the difference between mindfulness and meditation? The goal of meditation isContinue reading “Mindfulness and Meditation”

The benefits of spending time alone

A common question I get asked by people is why I travel solo most the time. Do you not get lonely? Firstly, let me clear up the fact that spending time alone is not the same as loneliness. Loneliness is how you feel when you are alone. Loneliness is an uncomfortable feeling and a desireContinue reading “The benefits of spending time alone”